Why Choose CAB10 ?

There may be numerous cab services in town but our unique features make us stand out from our competitors. Come be a part of the CAB10 family and experience a whole new level of comfort and security.

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    Pocket Friendly

    Since there is no Surge Pricing, we don't have hikes in estimates during
    peak hours.

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    Start Choosing

    After entering the pickup and drop location, you get a dropdown of cabs near you. Cab images and driver info is also given. Hence, you can choose the one you want.

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    No Cancellation Charge

    Did you choose the wrong location and confirm the ride? It's alright, you can cancel the ride and book again. We won't charge you for it.


Ride with CAB10

What You Need To Do!

  • Download the App
  • Register and add SOS contacts
  • Choose To and From Location
  • Get an estimated fare from the available drivers
  • Select the class and vehicle based on the driver’s rating & cab images
  • Submit your request
  • Start your ride
  • Pay for the journey using the app

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CAB10 Mobile App

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An easy to access app with special features that help make your ride enjoyable.

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