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Alcord Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd., administering under the brand name CAB10, brings to the metropolitan Bangalore a reliable, multiple pickup and drop cab service. CAB10 is a taxi aggregator company that allocates a 24/7 intra-city (local) cab service with fast navigation, FAREtastic prices, secure payments and attractive offers. We, at CAB10, provide an easy-to-use App with affordable fares that are payable via card, cash or digital wallet.

The prime objective of CAB10 is to give you the freedom of choosing the cab and the cabbie. That’s right! The passenger gets 5 options to select a Captain based on his ratings and also, view images of his cab.


We, at CAB10 strive hard to give both the passengers and captains the best experience; as we believe, that it is all about the quality service that brings about the change.
We promise you, that we are the change that you were all waiting for!


CAB10 foresees to be a positive impact to the economy of our Nation through employment opportunities; as we believe in building a stronger and brighter future for the Country.


  • 24/7 cab service!
  • Instant pick-up at your door step.
  • The passenger gets to select a Captain based on his ratings and also, view images of the cab.
  • FUP (Fair Usage Policy)- Fare remains same for all the users.
  • There is no peak hours or hidden charges, constant prices for 24hrs.
  • Pocket-friendly and payments can be made via cash, cards or digital payments.
  • We are Transparent in our Operations and Systems for both passengers and our Captains.
  • Passengers will not be charged for cancellation of bookings.
  • SOS feature is for both our passengers and Captains as we ensure safe and secure rides to both.
  • Win-Win situation for both our passengers and Captains; where our passengers get FAREtastic rides and our Captains earn maximum with our commissions being charged with only 10-12%.